5 Things To Do Before Moving Out From Your Old House

Moving into your new dream house can be troublesome. You need to make an extra preparation before you moving out from your old house, such as how to adapt to the new situation and new environment. But, before thinking too far, here are some things you can do before moving into your new house.

Sell or donate goods that are no longer needed
Maybe there are some of your stuff which you do not need anymore.
Maybe some things are already no longer need to be taken to a new dwelling. You can donate your stuff so that it will not be trouble for you when you move or carry it.

Set the exact time
Start making a list of priority of items that you will bring to your new home. So you can start to move your stuff one by one. Do not forget to separate your valuable documents with other things, so it will be easier for you to look for the documents.

Here are other things which you can consider before moving to your new house:

1. Change the key, especially the front door lock and the garage gate.

2. Check the damages possibility of your new house

Supposedly, before you occupy your new house, the homeowner or the realtors should have informed you about every detail of the house. Also, if there is damage that needs to be fixed. Here is the list of spots that you need to check:

- Check the electrical installation
- Check the installation of water
- Check for leaking roofs.
- Check the walls floor which may be there is a moist part.
- Check if the dangerous material such as an asbestos is installed on your next new home.

3. Painting the wall for all the rooms as you are desired.

4. Selling or donating goods that do not need
Before moving to your new house, you have to pick and choose the items that you are going to bring to your new house. If there are items that are not required but still feasible to use, it's better to sell or donate the stuff. You will get extra money from selling goods that are not used. But my advice would be even better if you give your stuff either to orphanages or the person in need.

5. Neighbors
The last point is no less important. If you want to move in a new home, it is worth to check the environment and neighborhood around your house. Knowing your neighbor is also quite important. It is for the comfort and safety of you and your family. If you are served outside of town or go on vacation as a family, at least the closest neighbor is the person who you can be asked for help and also as a means of social interaction and harmonious your residents.

New house mean new environment and new life, you should know what is exactly the condition of your new environment. I just want to warn you about the dangerous material which is "possible" attached in your new home. Some pages like http://asbestosremovalbrisbaneau.com talking about asbestos removal in Brisbane and it's facts, just read it, it's worth to know.

Hope you enjoy your town and happy giving good!

4 Must-Dos Before Buying Your Dream House

Buying a house is quite challenging, especially if it's your first time. Not to mention the payment method you choose will also affect the process of the purchase of a house. If you are a new family or planning to buy your first house then here are some tips for you so that you will not regret it in the future.

These following tips will help you be confident in buying your first house.

4 Must-Dos Before Buying a Dream House

✅ Determine Location

First thing to be aware of the location of the home you want to buy. House is an important thing, particularly for those who just married. However, do not buy a house that can not support the effectiveness of your work. You may be targeting lower-priced homes. But, some of the lower-priced homes located in the suburbs area. That's why you need to consider the location of your new house. You also need to question yourself, will you commit to settling on the location of the home that you want to buy. If not, then revert to buy the house. However, your goal is to purchase a house which is comfortable.

✅ Price

You need to plan and budget how much money you will spend to buy the house. So you will be more focused on the housing offer price as you want. Thus you can save your time for other activities.

✅ Consult to someone who has more experienced

No man in this world who would understand all things. That's why it takes the role of a skilled or experienced person called a consultant. A consultant is needed by people to be able to find suitable solutions to solve a problem that is being addressed. Buying a home is not an easy thing, buy a wrong house is a fatal decision.

There is no harm to spend a little money to hire a consultant. A consultation with the experts will save us a lot of time and effort to get all the information we required before buying a house. We can also reduce the possibility of buying the unsuitable house for our family.

Make sure your target house has good design, or you can do a renovation in the future, ask an architect about this thing.

✅ Check the Important Documents

When buying a motor vehicle, we certainly will get important documents such as vehicle registration and reg. Similarly, when we buy a house, that's why before purchasing a house, you need to check all the important documents. When there are problems with the paper and documents, we can ask the seller to fix it first.

Almost the same before we buy a house, we can also consult with an expert to check all the important documents of the house. The expert is known as a notary. Notaries can determine whether the document is genuine or fake and the validity of the home.

Those are some tips you can consider before purchasing a house. I hope this article can be helpful for you.

Why Do We Need The Architect Advices?

A house is one thing which is precious for our lives. For some people, home is a haven for them. To get a dream home, we need to fight to make it happen, and we need a lot of times to prepare it, and not a bit of money we should spend to get a dream home 😊

This time, we will discuss why we need a bit of advice from a home designer or we also called it as the architect to build the dream home. Although I was a designer, sometimes, I always ask several expert home designer who is more senior than me.

Here are several things you should realize why we need the advice from a home designer.

A developer knows much more about the optimizing area of ​​the room, and this is critical to know.

Most people prefer to design their own home, they are happier with the results if they work on it by their own efforts. But the fact is, they mostly do not understand the proper room organization.

A designer usually has the knowledge and has enough experience to make the real house plans. For that, they could take some advantages of the existing spaces as optimal as possible.

Especially for those of you who have a small area, you actually will need a designer to get a more spacious room and to get the rooms with a rich nuance and better style to live.

Designers understand about money management for home-making material

Are you able to estimate how much money you will spend when you wanted to design a house?

I preferred to trust the services in-house designer for this, they usually already know about spending which we are going to spend to create a room.

It is crucial to the amount of money you should pay in the future. If you are not using an architect, I am afraid and then you will lack the money to finish your project.

Time management

It is also crucial, if you do renovations, or you are building a dream house. You should be able to estimate when the project will be completed.

Some of the contractors to use time as a benchmark of payment, this is important. The longer you work on the project, the more money you need to spend. You can save even more money to consult.

Last, the optimal results.

Smart as you are, if you never learned about the art of home design, you will not understand how creating an excellent layout with space and money available.

An architect already learned a lot about this art, and you can believe in their ability, if you are not satisfied with their work, you can ask for a warranty. Or you could make arrangements at the beginning of the project before all the work is done. Rememeber, the architects are licensed, and they need an effort to get that.

So, are you going to do all the work yourself? Or you start to be interested in contacting a designer home? Good luck!

Sketching My Special Music Workroom on Garage

Do you have any sad experiences when finding the rent of music studio?

Maybe 6-7 years ago, I and also my friends want to rent a music studio, at that times (day night), the rent rooms are so popular and fully booked. However, I got the room at 00.00 AM, crazy because I waited for maybe 5 hours to practice with my band.

Music is one of the most important things in my life, as same as design and art, and this is my hobby. Today, I have an idea of creating the personal music studio by using a useless space in my garage.

First, I need to count the space at my garage, and then I need to think about how much space will be used by the rigs.

Second, I need to get the permission from you neightbourhood, LOL it's important right? I don't want someone throwing a stone when I play the music. OR I just set music workroom soundproof. The wall thing is so critical here, but creating a new layer of the wall is not hard to execute, I can use the woods, then install the carpet on it.

Two layer of carpets are enough to decrease the sound to the neightbourdhood.

Third, I will place the rigs into the room, place the drum set to the largest space first, and then place the sound systems rigs in the second largest spaces. Do smart placing the rigs, and the spaces for a guitar and a bass are easy to handle.

The last one is arrange the cable and install and arrange the display monitor + PC in/out side the room, defending the available space. I recomendation just install the recorder rigs outside the room. Make sure all installed cable are safe.

Please take a note for one thing, during the garage renovation, please use the safety tool such as a mask or a gloove. Some old houses contain dangerous material such as asbestos, so protect your health.

Finally, paint your room! The dark color usually better for playing music.

A drum, a bass, a guitar and a single microphone are enough to play a music with your band! Any other idea? place your comment below!

My First Post ~ Blogging Journal

The first time at anything is always special, blogging also!

Previously, I have not any experiences on writing and blogging, but when I saw lot of my friends build their own sites, then I just understand that it will be fun also for me :-) . I totally none on blogging journal before.

I actuallly want to put the title as "welcome post", but looks ordinary words, so I just put the title as you seen here, it's unique, I hope so.

As a welcome post, I didn't know what thing that need to discuss now, however I just need to write something right now.

In fact, blogging is not easy as I though, I need to learn about creating a blog, writing a post and I also felt dificult to understand the menus on the blogger LOL, I need more time for sure to master it.

Did you have any same experience like me? If you're the experiences blogger, I will happy to learn from you.

That's it, it's my welcome post, just a short post but it's amazing for me.