My First Post ~ Blogging Journal

The first time at anything is always special, blogging also!

Previously, I have not any experiences on writing and blogging, but when I saw lot of my friends build their own sites, then I just understand that it will be fun also for me :-) . I totally none on blogging journal before.

I actuallly want to put the title as "welcome post", but looks ordinary words, so I just put the title as you seen here, it's unique, I hope so.

As a welcome post, I didn't know what thing that need to discuss now, however I just need to write something right now.

In fact, blogging is not easy as I though, I need to learn about creating a blog, writing a post and I also felt dificult to understand the menus on the blogger LOL, I need more time for sure to master it.

Did you have any same experience like me? If you're the experiences blogger, I will happy to learn from you.

That's it, it's my welcome post, just a short post but it's amazing for me.

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