About Me

It's me, Sophie Mcintyre, welcome to my blog. Who I am and what is this blog talking about?

Sophie Mcintyre is a home designer and a model. I am a freelancer, but specializing in outdoor design plan.

Currently live in Australia, but because I am a freelancer, sometimes I visit some countries to get the inspiration. Bali and Pucket are my favorite cities, I love to enjoy both of Indonesia and Thailand place.

This website is my personal site to save my ideas collection. When I need an idea, I want just open this blog.

My plan is to write anything related to my design ideas, the tips of outdoor architecture and sometimes I also will put the daily notes here. I love to hear people voices, and I would like to hear it too from you, all of blog visitor. Don't worry about the topic, you can share or ask anything to Me, sound good? Take your times, have a good life and thanks

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