5 Things To Do Before Moving Out From Your Old House

Moving into your new dream house can be troublesome. You need to make an extra preparation before you moving out from your old house, such as how to adapt to the new situation and new environment. But, before thinking too far, here are some things you can do before moving into your new house.

Sell or donate goods that are no longer needed
Maybe there are some of your stuff which you do not need anymore.
Maybe some things are already no longer need to be taken to a new dwelling. You can donate your stuff so that it will not be trouble for you when you move or carry it.

Set the exact time
Start making a list of priority of items that you will bring to your new home. So you can start to move your stuff one by one. Do not forget to separate your valuable documents with other things, so it will be easier for you to look for the documents.

Here are other things which you can consider before moving to your new house:

1. Change the key, especially the front door lock and the garage gate.

2. Check the damages possibility of your new house

Supposedly, before you occupy your new house, the homeowner or the realtors should have informed you about every detail of the house. Also, if there is damage that needs to be fixed. Here is the list of spots that you need to check:

- Check the electrical installation
- Check the installation of water
- Check for leaking roofs.
- Check the walls floor which may be there is a moist part.
- Check if the dangerous material such as an asbestos is installed on your next new home.

3. Painting the wall for all the rooms as you are desired.

4. Selling or donating goods that do not need
Before moving to your new house, you have to pick and choose the items that you are going to bring to your new house. If there are items that are not required but still feasible to use, it's better to sell or donate the stuff. You will get extra money from selling goods that are not used. But my advice would be even better if you give your stuff either to orphanages or the person in need.

5. Neighbors
The last point is no less important. If you want to move in a new home, it is worth to check the environment and neighborhood around your house. Knowing your neighbor is also quite important. It is for the comfort and safety of you and your family. If you are served outside of town or go on vacation as a family, at least the closest neighbor is the person who you can be asked for help and also as a means of social interaction and harmonious your residents.

New house mean new environment and new life, you should know what is exactly the condition of your new environment. I just want to warn you about the dangerous material which is "possible" attached in your new home. Some pages like http://asbestosremovalbrisbaneau.com talking about asbestos removal in Brisbane and it's facts, just read it, it's worth to know.

Hope you enjoy your town and happy giving good!

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