Sketching My Special Music Workroom on Garage

Do you have any sad experiences when finding the rent of music studio?

Maybe 6-7 years ago, I and also my friends want to rent a music studio, at that times (day night), the rent rooms are so popular and fully booked. However, I got the room at 00.00 AM, crazy because I waited for maybe 5 hours to practice with my band.

Music is one of the most important things in my life, as same as design and art, and this is my hobby. Today, I have an idea of creating the personal music studio by using a useless space in my garage.

First, I need to count the space at my garage, and then I need to think about how much space will be used by the rigs.

Second, I need to get the permission from you neightbourhood, LOL it's important right? I don't want someone throwing a stone when I play the music. OR I just set music workroom soundproof. The wall thing is so critical here, but creating a new layer of the wall is not hard to execute, I can use the woods, then install the carpet on it.

Two layer of carpets are enough to decrease the sound to the neightbourdhood.

Third, I will place the rigs into the room, place the drum set to the largest space first, and then place the sound systems rigs in the second largest spaces. Do smart placing the rigs, and the spaces for a guitar and a bass are easy to handle.

The last one is arrange the cable and install and arrange the display monitor + PC in/out side the room, defending the available space. I recomendation just install the recorder rigs outside the room. Make sure all installed cable are safe.

Please take a note for one thing, during the garage renovation, please use the safety tool such as a mask or a gloove. Some old houses contain dangerous material such as asbestos, so protect your health.

Finally, paint your room! The dark color usually better for playing music.

A drum, a bass, a guitar and a single microphone are enough to play a music with your band! Any other idea? place your comment below!

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